Vanessa Braun - project management & research
is studying Architecture at the Technical University of Vienna and has additional experience from the ENSA Val de Seine Paris. Right now she is doing her Master Thesis on the urban food system in Vienna. Additionally she works in an architecture office that has a focus on participation and urban planning.​

Daniel Löschenbrand - project management & research
finished his Master in Architecture January 2021 from the Technical University of Vienna. He is currently a Phd Student and researching on the Urban Parterre. He has study experience in Vienna, Weimar and Paris and works next to his PhD in an architecture office.

Sarah Gold - research, historical focus
is studying Architecture at the Technical University Vienna. She researches about resilient food production in an urban environment, especially with a historical background. Additional experiences of sustainable architecture, and working in an international context through an academic exchange in Gothenburg.

Schreib uns an / get in contact: foodatlaswien@gmail.com

Angelika Psenner - project supervision & guidance

TU Vienna, Assoc.Prof Dipl.-Ing. Dr.habil.

Christoph Kleinsasser - Fotos
David Kirchsteiger - Programmierung